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Share Flat Details and get ₹4000

Suppose you are living in a Rented Flat and you are about to move to new flat in near future. Post the details of your old Flat so that some other needy person can get into it after you leave that flat. That person will get the flat without going to any broker and you will get ₹4000 from him for this help.


From seeker’s perspective

Want to secure your rental apartment without witnessing tantrums of brokers and their brokerage? Surely and certainly you are at the apt place.

We will provide anything and everything regarding your rental property so that you get the best at an unquestionably minimal amount (4000 INR which will be taken by the mini broker). And the best part is we don’t charge you a single penny for implementing our services. Ain’t it’s tempting and appetizing? So what are you waiting for? Go ahead!!! And utilize the most out of us.


From mini broker’s perspective

Bored of your daily monotonous life? Want to sprinkle a bit of flavor on the same? Certainly, you can by registering yourself as a mini broker on our site.

Being a mini broker won’t let you down in any context. Want some extra amount of cash (minimum 4000 INR) to switch on to the party mode? Then this is the right opportunity to opt for. Go ahead, grab this prospect and provide yourself a designation by simply postulating the details of your old rental apartment.

Abhijeet Anand

Awesome experience!!

Student , IEM 4th Year, CSE


Student , IEM 4th Year, CSE

Awesome experience!!