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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Jugaarindia? is a website that works as an intermediator between the people who are looking for rental apartments and the mini brokers.

2. Does the website charge for their services?
No, the website does not charge for their services. You can get the rental flat details from the website in a completely free of cost.

3. Who is a mini broker?

A mini broker is a person who provides any requisite details of available rental apartments to our website.

4. How to become a mini broker?

To become a mini broker for us you need to follow the steps that are being given here

5. What is the difference between mini-Brokers and traditional Brokers?

Traditional brokers charge huge lump sum amount as brokerage fee. Generally, they take whole one months rent as brokerage. On the other hand the mini-brokers charge only 4000 INR or even less(sometimes also zero).

Brokers are famous for their rude behaviour and false promises but the mini-brokers are renters like you who stay in a rented apartment.

6. Does a mini broker get paid for sharing the flat details?

Yes, the mini broker gets paid an amount of 4000INR by the client if the client chooses to move into that particular apartment.

7. Does the website pay the mini broker?

No, the website does not pay. It is the client who takes the property in rent pays the 4000 rupees to the mini broker.

8. Why is better than other websites?

We have a perspective that helps us believe in client contentment. We connect you to thousands of mini brokers through our website. We have introduced a brand new idea of mini broker which does not cost you a lump sum brokerage. Last but not the least we do not charge you for any of our services.

9. Can anyone book his or her rental apartment through the website?

No, the booking procedure is not done via website. The website only works as a connector between the client and the mini broker.
10. Does the website accept reviews of the rental properties?

Yes, the website accepts the reviews of rental properties from the clients.

11. Does Jugaarindia have any sister site?

No, as of now we do not have any sister site. We have only one site that is