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Most of us are well accustomed to the term “broker” and what it actually suggests. But there is a way difference between a “broker” and a “mini broker”. “Mini broker” is an apt term to signify “Jugaarindia’s” revolutionary idea regarding rental houses and apartments. So, without further doing, let’s check out what “mini broker” actually is and how to become one without any hassle.

What is a mini broker?

Let’s assume a situation where you are thinking of to move into a new rental property for certain sort of conveniences or preferences. Have you ever thought of that “what will happen to the old rental apartment where you used to stay earlier”? The answer is simple – someone new will move into your old residence. But this entire procedure in most cases are being handled by a broker, who in turn charge for a lump sum amount. In order to avoid such a cumbersome situation, we have introduced a new designation which is termed as “mini broker”.

While leaving your old rental property, you can simply register the same onto our website, so that a person who’s in search of a rental flat can actually utilize it. In return of such a humanitarian favor, the help seeker would pay you a nominal amount of 4000 INR (which is set as default, in cases you can also ask for greater amount).

How to become a mini broker?

Becoming a mini broker involves a few effortless and transparent steps which could easily be carried away from the comfy and cozy corner of your room.

Ensure the following steps to enroll yourself as a mini broker –

First and foremost you need to sign up using your email id and thereafter proceed on to the following.

  1. Scroll over to the “mini broker” button that is present in the extreme right corner of the nav bar.
  2. Clicking on the same will certainly take you to a page where you need to fill up few significant credentials.
  3.  On the first step, you need to provide a “property title” and a small description.
  4. Then you select the apt options from the drop-down menus like “Type”, “Availability Month”, “Furnished Type” and “Monthly Rent”.
  5. Next, you need to add few property details like “bedroom”, “bathrooms”, “brokerage charge”, “security deposit” etc.
  6. Adding “additional features” will certainly be a plus point because it would attract many by virtue of its attributes.
  7. Next, you need to add up the “property location” like – “address”, “state”, “city”, “longitude”, “latitude” etc. You can certainly add pictures of the property which will unquestionably help the seekers in decision making.

In case, if you find certain unknown terms, don’t get panic-stricken. Just scroll up or down, and you would find those terms are well being described in bold and underlined so that you can easily understand.